What is CPKM?

The Certified Practitioner in Knowledge Management, CPKM, is a certification program offered by Quest. The aim of this program is to equip managers with the competency in managing organisational knowledge assets.

CPKM will be awarded to participants who have completed a 5 steps process and have fulfilled all the requirements. The certification assessment will be based on specific competencies for CKPM. Successful candidates will receive a signed certificate from UK based International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) and will be entitled to use CPKM post-nominals.

Once certified, they will have the ability to help tackle knowledge-related problems in their organisation through the application of appropriate KM tools and techniques and the establishment of KM practices that facilitate knowledge sharing with other disciplines with whom they may interact.

Why This Program?

Knowledge is recognized as the most valuable asset of an organisation. Some people think of knowledge is the contents found in books, reports, and documents. We call this explicit knowledge. However, knowledge is not just that. The other type of knowledge which is more critical that needs to be managed is the knowledge that resides in people’s heads. It is called tacit knowledge and this type of knowledge is very difficult to manage. 

When we say Knowledge Management, what we mean is managing the knowledge processes and flow, to provide performance support to organisations for attaining organisational goals. For KM to work, organisations need to develop appropriate KM strategies that are aligned with their organisation mission and goals. This is one of the aspects that will be stressed in the program. Organisations need to identify, plan, develop and implement KM initiatives that ensure explicit and tacit knowledge are not only well managed but more importantly provide value to the organisation.

 "The most valuable assets of the 21st Century enterprise are its knowledge and knowledge workers"
Peter Drucker

What Will be Covered in this Course?

Initiating KM can be quite daunting if you do not know which approach works well for your organisation. In reality, there is no ‘one size fits all' approach but adopting a methodology that can be adjusted to your organisation needs is the best approach. In this course, participants will be exposed to a KM implementation methodology called the KM ESSENCE, which has successfully kicked off KM program in a number of organisations in the public sector.  

The participants will be given an awareness of the KM Competency elements of KM ESSENCE and a deep understanding of the contribution that they make to the successful implementation of KM in their organisation. KM ESSENCE is a KM implementation methodology that consists of five (5) key elements- EXPLORE, STRATEGISE, ENABLE, CULTIVATE, and EVALUATE, hence the acronym ESSENCE. The course modules were developed based on these five elements, which briefly cover the following:-

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What are the expected Learning Outcomes?

  • Define KM and understand the value that KM can deliver to organisations
  • Explain the principles that underpin KM
  • Apply the KM ESSENCE model including processes that support KM
  • Apply proven KM tools and techniques within the organisational context or project environment

Our Trainer

SR Roznita Othman 

Roznita began her career in the Public Works Department as a Quantity Surveyor in 1981. She was appointed as the Head of Enterprise Content & Knowledge Management Unit in 2008.

Through her KM Leadership, she charted out a KM framework aligned to the Department strategic goals & supported the Department's change agenda by inculcating knowledge culture, developing KM competency, and embedding KM in practices & processes.

Certified Practitioner in Knowledge Management (CPKM) will be awarded to participants who have completed a full course and fulfilled all the requirements. The certification assessment will be based on specific competencies for CPKM.

Successful candidates will receive a signed certificate from the International Professional Managers Association, IPMA (UK) and will be entitled to use CPKM post-nominals. 

Assessment Structure

Besides attending the four-day classroom training, participants need to pass the following assessments, which consist of:

  • Online quizzes - to assess participants’ understanding of each topic before and after the course.
  • Group assignment - to assess participants’ ability to work in a team, to apply KM principles, tools/techniques based on a given scenario. The group assignment is to be submitted within two weeks after the completion of the course.
  • Individual assignment – to evaluate whether the participant has acquired a more thorough competence in a topic or just understand the basics of it. A case study will be given for him/her to make a critical analysis and reflect on the key learnings of the case. The individual assignment is to be submitted within one month after the completion of the course.
  • Individual KM project proposal - to assess participant’s proposal of a KM initiative that he/she plans to implement at their workplace.  The final KM project proposal and plan must be submitted one month after the completion of the course.

Certified Practitioner in Knowledge Management (CPKM)

Enhance Efficiency, Decision Quality & Innovation

26, 27, 28 and 29 September 2022 (4 days)

9.00am - 5.00pm


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