Certified HRDC Training Provider Malaysia

Quest Learning is a registered corporate training provider under HRD Corp, playing a role in delivering training modules to organizations in both government agencies and the private sector. This is directed toward fulfilling Quest Learning’s mission and vision, which is to help organizations improve performance, productivity and profits.

For over 38 years, we worked with global brands and hundreds of organizations throughout Asia-Pacific to bring tangible results and improvements to their organizations. We serve our clients from our offices in Malaysia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, providing them with quality work and, more importantly, a deep understanding of the business requirements.

We provide organizational and industry-specific solutions in 6 key areas: Strategy &  Business Acumen, Leadership and Management, Persuasive Communication &  Influence, Sales & Marketing, Service Quality Excellence, and Organizational  Development.

Corporate Training Courses for Your Organization (HRDF Claimable)

Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership focuses on the adjustments that leaders must make to better motivate their staff and gain their commitment, resulting in greater morale, performance, and profitability.
Team Building
Designed activities, positive competitive learning among teams with the learning contents program for the impact of long-term company education
Business Acumen
Strategic thinking is critical for organizational performance, requiring the ability to perceive and respond to opportunities, risks, and execute essential changes.
Color Accounting
The ability to understand and use Accounting helps you make better-informed decisions and enhances your professional skills set.
AI-Powered Digital Marketing
This program's goal is to teach participants how to use artificial intelligence to save time and resources in day-to-day marketing operations.
Emotional Intelligence
Explore resilient traits and thinking styles via practical case studies, guiding the creation of a Personal EQ Roadmap covering Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.
Influencing & Negotiation Skills
To win in negotiations, change management, sales or when managing conflicts.
Strategic Planning And Alignment
Formulation of a strategic plan aligned with the organization's mission, integration of strategic directions and a high-performance culture.
English Communication
to enhance communication proficiency and elevate business writing skills among your team.
QUEST For Excellence
Empower managers and executives to enhance performance, productivity, and profits without the need for increased workload.
Excel Edge Program
Get ready to revolutionize your data management and analysis capabilities.
Customer Service Excellence
Explore the essence of customer-centricity, navigate challenges, and harness technology to elevate your organization's customer experience and drive sustainable growth