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The Journey To The Jade Mountain™ or known as Jade Game is an educational team effectiveness simulation game that improves learners' understanding of the global business operations of a firm in a dynamic, competitive environment.  

Jade Game explores maximizing productivity in a competitive environment through planning, teamwork and personal vision. 

This 3 - 4 hours of adventure creates a common experience that allows participants to view their individual behavious and its consequences in a meaningful way.

Jade Game engages and challenges all levels of participants, delivering a competitive edge to all sizes of organizations through improved workforce performance and better productivity. 

This focus on realizing the potential within every individual, through tools that change behavior to improve performance.

Changing Behavior to Improve Performance

Jade Game focuses on the team effectiveness application for experiential learning, and now provides a comprehensive offering of learning programs that set the standard for learner engagement for greater business impact.

Teach the Power of Planning

Jade Game simulates the pressure and stress of work that cause individuals to rule out good planning.

Participants normally rush off without considering the options or resources, struggle to make it through the exercise and do not achieve nearly the same results as those who took the proper steps in careful planning.  

Team Dynamics & Negotiation in Action  

Analyze the behaviour of participants as related to teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Each team must decide their roles & responsibilities, what investment to make and when, what risk to take, what partnership to form, how to adapt to changing environment, etc. in order to succeed and return home alive. 


Tactical and Strategic Planning

Teach the power of vision and proper goal setting, and the impact goals have on teamwork and productivity. 

Begin an intensive planning session with Jade Game . This exercise will invoke in the participant a commitment to participate and an enthusiasm for the programme that follows.


Conference Kickoff, Team Building & Management Retreats

Kick off a sales or a management team bulding, seminar or conference with an exhilarating experience that helps the group to focus on the importance of planning and working together. 

Participants are impacted so completely and have so much fun that the lessons learned improve their behaviour on the job. Participating in Jade Game can become part of the culture of an organisation as it is a common experience. 


Unique Needs. Unique Solutions.

Experiential Learning Methodology

It is an experiential learning tool that in a powerful manner helps employees understand and practice the mode of behaviour that ensures success.

Recreate Real Work Issues

It recreates real work issues in a controlled environment.  

Planning & Teamwork-based

Stresses the importance of good planning and teamwork. It demonstrates clearly that planning is a vital element in any goal directed activity.

High Involvement of Participants

Participants become highly involved right from the start and at the end have much to contribute in the debriefing stage.

Competition Among Participants

This tool provides participants with the challenge of competing against each other in the terrain, in a race to the distant mountains in search of “scrolls".  

Solutions that Change Behavior

The process shows participants how they personally react to the same real life issues on the job, giving them better understanding of what changes are necessary and increases their commitment to change.  


The Mission  

Tribal groups, at risk with each other and a greater enemy, travel deep into the heartland of China in search of the Jade Scrolls that will give their respective tribes power and security.

In 20 days the groups must recover as many of these highly valuable scrolls. The journey will be challenging with volatility and uncertainty in the terrain, and weather. 

Each group must decide their members’ roles & responsibilities, what investment to make and when, what risk to take, what partnership to form, how to adapt to changing environment, etc. in order to succeed and come home alive.  


The Product  

Jade Game caters for all levels of employees. 1 Jade Game set able to handle up to 36 participants and can be adapted for larger groups. Time required for the session including debrief is up to 4 hours. 

Full day session can be done through customisation. Facilitation by Quest can be arranged.  


  • Be challenged in their abilities to set clear and attainable goals;
  • Explore key issues regarding communication, resource management and team dynamics common to the work place and understand how they can optimise results through directed effort;
  • Understand the planning process and foster a commitment to plan more effectively;
  • Exercise leadership, effective use of all resources (including time and information), delegation of roles and responsibilities and decision making skills in a team;
  • Experience the impact of effective communication and negotiation (or a lack of them) on a team success or mediocrity.

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