Business leaders need to have their head in the game every bit as much as an athlete. 

Highly successful companies recognize that providing employees the tools for success profits the business. Mental toughness coaching and training is especially useful in industries where competition is heavy and escalating complexity puts executives under extreme pressure.  

Many occupations are inherently high stress – medical workers, emergency responders, and military personnel, to name a few. But any occupation can be stressful for someone with inadequate mental toughness. Mental toughness coaching and training as a stress management tool is proving to be effective in many industries and professions. 

Mental toughness as a discipline has proven it has a place in the coaches’ training arsenal from youth athletics to professional teams. It is increasingly recognized that mental toughness training can be successfully adapted to many other demanding pursuits. This has exciting implications for all professionals who have to compete in ever more competitive environments.  

The key domain areas in which psychological profiling & mental toughness facilitation may be applicable and helpful in, include:

  • Business (Corporate Workplace)  
  • Business (Sales & Marketing)  
  • Customer Service (coming soon) 
  • Education  
  • Healthcare  
  • Investing / Trading 
  • Military  
  • Performing Arts  
  • Teachers  
  • Sports  
  • Trainers  
  • Individuals who want to acquire practical mental toughness facilitation skills  

Steps to Mental Toughness


Take the online The Mental Toughness Profile™ tool


Consult with a Certified Mental Toughness Coach


Apply the Mental Toughness strategies to one's performance situation

The Mental Toughness Profile™ is based on the latest research on the unique mental toughness qualities of elite performers in various high-performance domains. The Mental Toughness Profile™ is designed to be used in consultation with a Certified Mental Toughness Coach or Facilitator. It is used to evaluate a client's or coachee's mental strengths and areas for improvement in the following five key competencies:

Composure Staying calm and relaxed in any any pressure situation.  

Concentration Focusing on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters  

Confidence Having the self-belief and trust in one's capabilities

Cope-ability Overcoming adversities and setbacks well  

Cohesion Giving and receiving social support to and from others  

Mental Toughness Profile

In each profile report, you will find:

  • A summary chart of one's scores on the respective mental toughness competencies, 
  • A description and explanation of one's individualized scores, and 
  • Practical and evidence-based strategies and exercises to help further strengthen one's mental toughness.

A sample Mental Toughness Profile report is available upon request

Sample Summary Chart

Sample description and explanation of an individual's scores

Sample strategies and exercises


The Mental Toughness Team Report™ 

When two or more individuals are assessed, a Mental Toughness Team Report™ can be generated. This team report is automatically generated to help the Mental Toughness Coach or Facilitator gain a big-picture perspective of their clients' or coachees' mental toughness profiles in one easy-to-read group profile chart. The features of the team report include: 

  • Every member of the group or team assessed are combined into each section of the 5C's in the report, namely Composure, Concentration, Confidence, Cope-ability, and Cohesion
  • Simple, practical ways to improve on each of the 5C's are suggested. 
  • This is a FREE report for two or more individuals assessed as a group or team. 
  • Note: This report is only available through a Certified Mental Toughness Coach or Facilitator.

Sample strategies and exercises


Certified Mental Toughness Coaches & Facilitators are fully trained to 

  • Psychologically profile and give feedback to their clients or coachees using the Mental Toughness Profile™ and accompanying Mental Toughness Team Report™ for groups of individuals, and 
  • Coach and train their clients or coachees to utilize evidence-based, proven mental strategies to be more resilient and be able to peak perform under pressure.  

Unique Features & Benefits of the Program 

This Certification program 

  • is developed and delivered by industry-leading sport & performance psychologists who specialize in mental toughness strategies for success and peak performance under pressure 
  • targets the key motivational, behavioral, and performance challenges that most performers face utilizes applied, evidence-based methods that work in the real world 
  • adopts a competency-based assessment approach through the use of case studies, role-plays and practical assignments 
  • allows post-program certified participants to use the title of Certified Mental Toughness Coach (USA) / Cert. MTCoach (USA) and/or Certified Mental Toughness Facilitator (USA) / Cert. MTFacilitator (USA) behind their names (where relevant); 
  • use the Mental Toughness Profile™ and Mental Toughness Team Report™ to help identify their client's or coachee's mental toughness strengths and weaknesses; 
  • be eligible to receive referrals and leads for clients or coachees in their geographic area - subject to availability and client or coachee needs to expertise match; 
  • get free access to mental toughness coaching and training resources for their own coaching or training business; and 
  • purchase the Mental Toughness Profile™ and Mental Toughness Team Report™ at special Distributor Rates (please contact us for more details). 
  • is a pre-requisite to the Train-the-Trainer program (aka Certified Mental Toughness Trainer Program). Please contact us for more details. 

3-in-1 Certification Program Syllabus 

The following are the modules covered in the 3-in-1 certification program.  



Module 3: MENTAL TOUGHNESS & ELITE PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY applications using the Mental Toughness Profile™ and Mental Toughness Team Report™  

Module 4: MENTAL TOUGHNESS COACHING STRATEGIES using the S.P.O.R.T.™ Coaching Model  


Module 6: INDIVIDUAL APPLIED PROJECT: Profile clients/coachees and design a mental toughness coaching intervention or training program for each individual  

Module 7: MENTAL TOUGHNESS WORKSHOP FACILITATION using the P.L.A.Y.™ Training Methodology  


Module 9: APPLIED GROUP PROJECT: Profile a group of clients/coachees and facilitate a mental toughness activity or training workshop for the clients/coachees  


Certified Mental Toughness Coach

Covers Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 only

Certified Mental Toughness Fcilitator™: 

Covers Modules 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 only

Public Workshop on Mental Toughness Series Schedule 

Managing Adversity & Challenges in the V.U.C.A. World for Managers 1-Day Course HRDF Claimable 26 Feb 2019 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Early Bird: RM1,250 per pax Submit your interest to get the Group Disount

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Certification Course Schedule 

Certified Mental Toughness Facilitator™ Certification Program HRDF Claimable 3 & 4 Apr 2019 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Early Bird: RM4,200 per pax Submit your interest to get the Group Disount 

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