Persuasive Communication & Influence

If we just communicate, we can get by. But if we communicate skilfully, we can work miracles.

Communication takes place between businesses and their markets and customers; between people in organisations with different functions and priorities; between leaders and team members; to name a few. Ineffective communication affects business results, creates silos and often results in discord.

The ability to apply practical, life-long persuasive skills whether addressing an individual or an audience in thousands, can help you and your organisation achieve much more than you thought possible.

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Persuasive Communication and Influence Programs:

The Persuasive Communicator™

Skills To Achieve Influence.

Many organisations today struggling with change and fall short of fulfilling their ultimate vision spend countless days, weeks and months – not to mention resources – trying to understand why they can’t seem to circumvent the barriers standing in their way. And for most, organisation silos is the culprit.

Silo-mindset in organisation has created communication barrier that caused miscommunication, disconnected decision making, constant resistant to change and disagreement and uncooperative collaboration.

As a leader, your organisation’s success depends upon your ability to positively influence your team to break down this destructive barrier. And to succeed, you must learn the essential skills of persuading people of all levels, starting within your organisation.

The Persuasive Communicator® clarifies the skills of how to use your behaviour to build trust, positively influence others, and achieve win/win results in the shortest time-frame possible.

Benefits for Leaders:

  • Able to communicate a shared vision and common goal strongly span across your organisation;
  • Able to encourage collaboration through knowledge sharing sessions, social and business related crossorganisational events & meetings;
  • Able to build trust by encouraging rewards, even salaries, according to the company’s collective performance; and
  • Able to encourage the movement of employees from one department to another.

Benefits for the Company:

  • An approach to break organisational silos;
  • Improved top and bottom line results;
  • Enhanced client relationships; and
  • More effective staff communication and greater flexibility in times of change.

Added Value Features

Persuasive Communicator® Mobile App

Access to PC GamePlan App via iPhone and Android to;

  • Profile yourself; and
  • Profile anyone you communicate with.

PC Profiling Tools & Reports

  • Self-perception survey
  • Respondent survey
  • Gameplan case study
  • Communication style report
  • Empathy report
  • Flexibility report

Stand Up And Speak™

Managers and executives are regularly called on to present an idea, a recommendation, a proposal or simply to stand up and communicate.

When this happens, a great percentage of them FAIL to do justice to the substance they have. This workshop helps managers and executives from your organisation develop more effective presentation skills.

Adopted by more than 20 MNCs, 2 international certification programs and more than 1,200 professionals across Asia to deliver effective presentations

Unique Features & Benefits of the Program:

  • Powerful Methodology Uses a combination of coaching and training
  • Hands-On and Personal One coach to every 6 participants
  • Highly Practical Based on 30 over years of speaking experience
  • Well-Researched and Tested Uses the tested Stand Up & Speak™ formula
  • Effective & In-Depth Follow-up sessions are provided
  • Proven Over 2,000 participants have been personally trained using this method
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Impactful Virtual Sales Presentation

Impactful virtual sales presentation is about delivering sales pitch that gives real and measurable results. It is about learning how to sell online.

Attention span of a person is very short. in a virtual environment when you are not in the same place as the audience, it is even more challenging. They know we cannot see them, so they get distracted easily.

This program will provide you with the know-how to overcome challenges in doing virtual sales presentation and at the same time ensuring bottom line results – successfully closed sales!

Why is this important?

  • This is the sales platform of the future
  • With social distancing becoming a habit, it is not temporary; it’s a permanent feature for selling in the future
  • Business down; leads become more important
  • The environment change; our methods must change

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