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Sales and marketing alignment is about one shared goal: revenue that is delivered or over-delivered every quarter. As marketing converges with customer service and sales, marketing today is more about helping and less about hyping. Alignment in both functions ensure prospecting is effective, pipelines are filled, conversion and retention rates are high.

Though markets and channels continue to evolve, the fundamentals of acquiring and keeping customers remain at the core of all sales and marketing strategies. Even social selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customers and meeting their needs.

Case Studies

Designed and Rolled out National Sales Certification Program for Nationwide for all Sales Managers and Sales Advisors, covering workshops, coaching and examination & assessment centres for approximately 600 pax
2 years Dealer Development Program for Honda Malaysia, Nationwide on Sales and Customer Service. Workshops and on-site coaching to approximately 50 outlets, to dealer’s owner and GMs
An 18 months project for Sales and Service training of New Recruits. New recruits are regularly engaged during this period to ensure the skills are transferred into workplace
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Regional, serving more than 10 countries across South East Asia & China for Sales Management training to Country Managers and Sales Personnel
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Sales Management and Sales Training for Asia Operations over a period of 1 year, across China. Over 100 participants for Frontline, Senior Sales and Sales Managers, covering  workshops, pre & post assessment
Rolled out Managing Sales Performance training for Sales Managers, to achieve sales KPI
Sales training for their Credit Card Sales People and Negotiation Skills for the Executives
Customer Oriented Selling programme for APL Shipping, Shanghai and Taiwan, for Sales Managers and Sales Personnel. Covering workshops, pre & post assessment
Design and Train Trainers for the New Agents Sales training
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National Sales Convention to motivate, drive and equip 120 Sales and Service staff with coaching skills for developing people in the organisation
Rolled out Building Rapport for Better Sales, for Shiseido Professional Malaysia. Covering workshops at Johor Bharu, Penang and Kuala Lumpur
Telesales programme, to Sharpen Sales Skills for an International Online Forex Trading company. Covering 5 workshops and coaching for approximately 50 pax Telesales

Some of Our Clients

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Our Sales and Marketing Programs

The Persuasive Salesperson™

The Power of Trust To Reach Agreements That Are Implemented.

The Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS) is a skill building training influencing methodology, a lifelong tool for communicating more powerfully and persuasively.

Persuasive Salesperson™ gives salesperson an easy to use system for dealing with people especially with those ‘difficult’ people different from you. Based on Persona Global’s proprietary Social Styles and Trust Building skills mastered enables delegates to build sustained long term win/win business and personal relationship.


  • Examine how and why people communicate and miscommunicate with each other.
  • Develop a systemic method for recognizing the behavior of others in terms of their needs…and how to react to build trust
  • See ourselves as others perceive us.
  • Develop a method of adapting our behavior to reach others by means of a negotiation process.
  • Immediately apply skills learned to your real life situation.
  • Added long term value by developing trust building strategies learned during the workshop by using “live planning “ Game Planning software on line. Defeats the retention issue.

PC Mobile App

Access to PC GamePlan App via iPhone and Android to;

  • Profile yourself; and
  • Profile of your prospect or potential clients.

Case Study:

  • SITUATION Mitsubishi Motors, Japan, was facing financial pressure due to an increasingly competitive local retail automotive home market.
  • COURSE OF ACTION Mitsubishi conducted training for two groups: One group of 800 newly hired sales representatives used Mitsubishi’s standard
    sales training curricula. A second group of 800 newly hired salespersons participated in a Japanese edition of Persona’s Persuasive Salesperson Workshop, with a special focus on empathy projection.
  • RESULTS Over a two-year period, the salespersons who completed PS™ program sold an average of 39 more cars per person annually than the group that participated in traditional training, possibly affecting both top and bottom line results.

What Our Client Say

I've been in the training industry for 20 years and I'm convinced this is the best program I've ever seen.

Yvon DrayDirector of Training for Operations, Alcatel, Mexico City

I usally say to my employees as there is no life without air, similar too there is no business success without strong communication skills. Presentation skills can only be developed by lots of practicing. I am delighted that there is a good program that makes it possible. I strongly recommend this program or I better to say I feel it mandatory for every sales and management personnel.

Attila TihanyiLogistic Manager of Catterpillar, Hungary

Strategic Selling For Key Accounts™

Anticipating Buyer Concerns

Have you ever wondered what your prospects and customers go through in deciding whether or not to buy your product or service? Why do some clients, for whom your product seems a perfect match, decide not to buy? How can you support a client through the anguish of decision-making?

Decisions are made by people, and people act and react differently in accordance with their internal needs. When you respond to those needs, your customer is more receptive to your suggestions, recommendations, and proposals. As product standardization increases and price becomes an issue, companies need to encourage their salespeople to:

  • Position themselves as problem solvers.
  • Create long-term, Win/Win relationships with their customers.


  • Understand how your natural communication style affects your ability to be an effective salesperson.
  • Develop the ability to recognize the internal needs of others by their observable behaviours, and to relate those needs to the product or service you are selling.
  • Be able to use your behaviour to build trust with people who have different communication styles.
  • Prepare and commit to solving an important real-life sales challenge after the workshop by choosing someone you want to influence more effectively.
  • Learn how to select what benefits people need to hear in order to be motivated to “Buy/Accept” your proposals.
  • Apply the Communicate and Win™ Expert
  • Profiling System to create a Gameplan™ for sales success.

Added Value Features

PC Mobile App

Access to PC GamePlan App via iPhone and Android to;

  • Profile yourself; and
  • Profile of your prospect or potential clients.

Selling Your Technological Solutions™

Gaining Acceptance for New Ideas

How many times, after giving a technological presentation have you felt frustrated by the resistance to new ideas and thought, “They just don’t get it”? And how many times have you presented the solution to a problem, or an understanding of opportunities, but lacked the ability to communicate your conviction and influence your audience to follow through?

Innovative action is a decision made by people, and people act and react differently in accordance with their needs. When a presenter can identify and respond to those needs, the audience is more receptive to suggestions, recommendations, and proposals.

This program focuses on helping you develop the interpersonal communication skills and ability to make effective presentations that reach your audience, no matter their level of technological understanding or resistance to new ideas.

As technology takes an increasingly prominent position in all branches of industry, companies need to encourage their people to:

  • Position themselves as problem solvers to help others overcome their natural resistance to new ideas.
  • Transform new ideas into a workable reality.
  • Share ideas with others.


  • Establish the importance of communication in presenting your technological ideas/solutions to others.
  • Examine how people communicate and miscommunicate with each other.
  • Develop a systematic method for recognizing the needs of others according to their behaviour.
  • Learn to see yourself as others perceive you.
  • Develop a method of adapting our behaviour to reach others by means of a negotiation process.
  • Learn how we can adapt our behavior to reach others at all levels of technological understanding.
  • Acquire skills that promote effective technological presentations.
  • Apply learned ideas to a real-life work situation.
  • Develop a plan for continued use of the skills developed during the program.

Features & Benefits

  • Stimulates understanding and acceptance of new technologies.
  • Enables participants to generate and sell technical solutions.
  • Gives technical people the skills to communicate effectively with non-technical decision-makers and end-users.
  • Enables participants to use their new skills to prepare for a real-life business presentation.

Added Value Features

PC Mobile App

Access to PC GamePlan App via iPhone and Android to;

  • Profile yourself; and
  • Profile of your prospect or potential clients

Sales Leadership: Building The Ultimate Salesforce

Sales Leadership Program is focused on the special challenges faced by the sales managers in today’s regional-based salesforce, such as an increasingly competitive environment, lack of time for sales management, and the conflict between sales management and other job responsibilities.


  • To develop comprehensive sales performance standards.
  • To design and implement measurement and feedback systems.
  • To develop skills in setting sales targets.
  • To conduct effective sales review meetings.
  • To use positive motivation and reinforcement.
  • To analyse shortfall in sales performance.
  • To coach employees when sales falls below assigned targets.
  • To conduct effective performance reviews

A sales management program customised for the Sales Leaders to :

  • Learn how to lead the sales team to drive sales result and meeting the sales targets (including managing poor sales performers).
  • Be able to close a sales / tender (instead of always stop at proposal level).
  • Be able to be a good business analysis and set right sales strategy.
  • Be able to design and improve the sales incentive plan.

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