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Every contact we have with a customer influences whether they’ll come back, make a recommendation, or be an advocate.

The fact is that customer experience in today’s world makes or breaks businesses. Most organisations recognise the need to delight customers but many falter under the weight of challenges. Expectations are increasingly higher, customers are increasingly segmented, and their needs are shifting fast. Delivering a consistent level of service across every touch point poses a major challenge, and the adoption of technology creates both opportunity and uncertainty.

Though these challenges are real and need to be addressed, we’ve helped organisations with winning service strategies simply by returning to the heart of the matter – the customer.

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Service Quality Excellence Programs:

Strategic Approach To World-Class Service

Most companies would advertise or announce their allegiance to satisfying their customer’s needs. Slogans are plentiful ranging from “We really CARE” to “Customer is King” … but the bottom-line at the end of the day is whether these organizations are able to consistently meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. Like any other company, there will be occasion where failure to fully satisfy a customer will occur. The issue is not if there are any – the issue is do we know when it happens.

Strategic Approach to World Class Service is about managing and measuring customer satisfaction. If indeed, customer satisfaction is an organisational priority, it becomes critical that we are able to manage and measure it. Customer satisfaction is not just advertisements or smile training programs, a slogan or a button. Customer satisfaction is about performance.

It requires a total organisational effort focused towards building a customer-oriented culture. Strategic Approach to World Class Service requires planned and researched efforts. It requires guidance.


This remarkable workshop aims to provide participants with a complete “toolkit” of leading-edge, continuously measurable methodologies to develop a completely integrated customer service system for their organizations. This workshop will provide a clear framework to assist organizations in evaluating where they are currently stand in terms of quality service and to offer practical pointers on how the concepts of service excellence can be applied and sustained in transforming competitive effectiveness.

You will also have the opportunity to review the best practices, and learn from the experiences of pace-setting service-oriented organizations. In addition, you will be able to understand how these successful companies have implemented and sustained service excellence.

In particular, the workshop is to enable participants to :

  • APPRECIATE the importance and role of service management in contributing to the success of your organization
  • DEVELOP STRATEGIES and plans to build and perpetuate customer service excellence within your organization
  • ESTABLISH system to measure customer satisfaction level
  • DEVELOP a step by step approach to building commitment and empowering the front-line for service excellence.


A very interactive and stimulate approach using a combination of lectures, 60% – 70% of this workshop will be hands-on experience as well as group exercises.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is beneficial to service providers across all industries – financial, retail, manufacturing, professional, oil and gas, telecommunications, healthcare, education, tourism and government because the workshop is geared to review, and strategize the implementation of the concepts throughout the organization, the attendance of several members from the same organization would be highly beneficial.

Frontline Customer Service Excellence

This programme is designed to cover the basic elements of customer service, focusing on customer satisfaction. It provides a very sound foundation for any specific customer service programme or plans that the organization may have, possibly customize to the nature of business. The result of this programmer is the participants could easily and significantly apply customer service principles enforced by the organization.


  • Realise and acknowledge the importance of meeting and / or exceeding customer satisfaction before, during and after any transactions involving customers over phone;
  • Recognise the 5 fundamentals for first class customer service;
  • Realize the importance of first impressions and its impact on their image and that of the organizations’;
  • Know what makes up a professional frontline personnel, where they are in comparison and what they have to do to stand out from the crowd;
  • Identify the types of customers and the effective ways of dealing with them in a variety of situations; and
  • Address key gaps identified at the Analysis stage of focus group interviews, service standards setting and mystery caller exercise.


After 1-month coaching, one of the Customer Service Managers reported a 40% increase in sales through their frontliners (only)

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COPC® Customer Journey Mapping Certification

Understanding your customer’s journey to deliver a superior experience

Beyond your product or service offering, the customer experience is what drives brand loyalty and repeat business. By mapping your customer’s end-to-end journey through critical touchpoints, you can find inconsistencies in the customer experience and potential breakdowns in service. Armed with that knowledge, you can implement improvements to ensure your organisation has the ability to deliver on customer expectations.

COPC© Customer Journey Mapping Certification program gives you the strategy, tools and expertise to build your own customer journey map and use it to improve the customer experience. We offer a proven mapping process that covers customer experience strategy, customer understanding, map designing, measurement, governance and culture.

Customer Journey Mapping Gives You:

  • A holistic view across customer touchpoints to identify inconsistencies in the customer experience, potential breakdowns in service, and shifts in your organization’s ability to deliver on customer expectations;
  • A way to prioritize performance improvement opportunities; and
  • A communications tool to socialize and improve the customer journey with other parts of the organization to quickly understand, validate, and identify opportunities collaborate to improve the customer experience.

Major Retailer Improves Customer Experience with Customer Journey Mapping

A major in-store and online retailer engaged COPC Inc. to conduct an extensive review of the customer journey throughout the buying process. The goal was to confirm that the experience aligned with their customer service philosophy. Based on the findings of the project project, a comprehensive improvement plan was developed and is currently being implemented. Initial results already show performance improvement in customer satisfaction and the customer experience.


COPC® Best Practices For CX Operations

COPC Best Practices for CX Operations is a rigorous, in-depth program about how to deliver a world-class customer experience operation. This training will help you manage and improve any customer experience program, increasing both customer satisfaction and bottom line growth. You will learn how to apply best practices and guidelines found in the COPC CX Standard, a performance management system for customer experience operations.

You will learn:

  • How to apply real-world benchmarks, implementation tips and best practices from the COPC CX Standard for achieving high performance.
  • Fundamentals of measuring and managing the customer experience including key metrics to accurately measure for one channel or multiple channels, customer satisfaction benchmarks, and how to prioritize actions to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Methods for gathering and analysing customer feedback through a structured approach, understanding the key drivers of the customer experience, and leveraging the customer care function as a listening post.
  • Metrics, targets, and benchmarks for managing performance of assisted and unassisted channels for service, quality, cost, revenue, and customer satisfaction.
  • Key processes for CX management including workforce management, quality, and recruiting, hiring and training.
  • Guidelines for data collection, reporting, and data integrity to ensure the right CX and operational metrics are being tracked, and are calculated correctly and have integrity so management can accurately measure performance and take appropriate.
  • How to determine if you are achieving targeted levels of performance and sustained improvements in service, quality, revenue, cost and CX metrics.

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