Strategy & Business Acumen

Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there.

In today’s hypercompetitive landscape, leaders must make sense of possible futures, the environment they compete in, and the resources at hand to develop and implement successful strategies and make sound and timely decisions for their business. Failing to do so may signal the end for the organisation.

As the rate of change intensifies, the only competitive advantage for organisations is to learn faster than their competitors. We work with organisations to develop, align and implement strategic directions, as well as develop leaders with strategic capabilities and business acumen.

In Action: Strategic Thinking in Action

Leaders of business units of a global chemical company throughout the region convened in Shanghai to learn and apply strategic thinking principles on our comprehensive, custom-written case study with actual strategic concerns.

Participants from all over Europe and Asia were challenged and thrilled with this innovative approach in practical learning.

Strategy Planning Diagram

Some of Our Clients for Strategy & Business Acumen


Business Acumen

Essential Business Management Skills for Professionals

In today’s organisations, employees often find it difficult to learn new skills and transfer current knowledge across functions. Companies too feel the urgent need to spur intrapreneurship and ownership at all levels, requiring employees to demonstrate business acumen in their day-to-day decisions.

The ability to think strategically across the organisation, vertically and horizontally, to sense opportunities and threats, seize or deal with them and make the necessary changes is fast becoming the key dominant in an organisation’s success.

Business acumen can no longer be limited to the founders and owners of businesses alone. It has become imperative for organisations to arm their workforce with skills and knowledge across business functions, in areas, they find particularly challenging like analysing reports, impact of key decision making, understanding financial tradeoffs, thereby paving the way for future managers.

Business Simulation: Journey to the Jade Mountain

Journey to the Jade Mountain or Jade Game in short, is an experiential training tool that in a powerful manner helps employees understand and practice the mode of behaviour that ensures success. It recreate real work issues in a controlled environment.

Jade Game stresses the importance of good planning and teamwork. It demonstrates clearly that planning is a vital element in any goal directed activity. Very few individuals invest enough time in planning and consequently are far less successful than they could be.

Participants become highly involved right from the start and at the end have much to contribute in the debriefing stage – particularly as they discover how much better planning and teamwork could have impacted their final outcome. Jade Game will increase their desire to learn how to plan better.

This tool provides participants with the challenge of competing against each other in the terrain, in a race to the distant mountains in search of “scrolls “. It is effective in establishing a climate in which the required learning can take place.

The process shows participants how they personally react to the same real life issues on the job, giving them a better understanding of what changes are necessary and increases their commitment to change.

Introduction Video

The Mission:

  • Tribal groups, at risk with each other and a greater enemy, travel deep into the heartland of China in search of the Jade Scrolls that will give their respective tribes power and security.
  • In 20 days the groups must recover as many of these highly valuable scrolls. The journey will be challenging with volatility and uncertainty in the terrain, and weather.
  • Each group must decide their members’ roles & responsibilities, what investment to make and when, what risk to take, what partnership to form, how to adapt to changing environment, etc. in order to succeed and come home alive.

The main objective for the teams is to collect as many Sacred Kung Fu Scrolls as possible from the Jade Temple.

Learners will develop and execute strategies for their simulated teams operating in different clans to achieve their objective.

They will:

  • Be challenged in their abilities to set clear and attainable goals.
  • Explore key issues regarding communication, resource management and team dynamics common to the work place and understand how they can optimise results through directed effort.
  • Understand the planning process and foster a commitment to plan more effectively.
  • Exercise leadership, effective use of all resources (including time and information), delegation of roles and responsibilities and decision making skills in a team.
  • Experience the impact of effective communication and negotiation (or a lack of them) on a team success or mediocrity

86% of senior executives believe that innovation is critical. 80% think that their business models are going to undergo significant threats in the near term. Yet only 6% report feeling confident about their organization’s ability to innovate.

– McKinsey Report

Our Value To You

Quest Learning’s Business Acumen Solution help to provide more systematic view of business. From individual contributors and front line managers, to managers of managers and directors, having a strong set of Business Acumen skills give employees the business confidence to:

  • Recognise business strategy and current financial situations and how it relates to the value of your solution;
  • Understand how one’s role and function fits into the big picture and helps your company achieve results;
  • Read and comprehend the impact of financial statements;
  • Ask appropriate business situational questions, business challenge questions, and business opportunity questions to make more informed and aligned
    decisions; and
  • Drive higher margins and revenue.

Colour Accounting®

Financial Literacy For Managers: Finance and Accounting for Better Decision-Making

Organisations expect their managers to use financial data to allocate resources and run their departments. But many managers can’t read a balance sheet, wouldn’t recognize a liquidity ratio, and don’t know how to calculate return on investment. Worse, they don’t have any idea where the numbers come from or how reliable they really are.

In order to understand how your organisation is performing right now and to evaluate, assess, and devise new strategies to boost future performance, your managers need reliable information. And financial statements are a critical source of the information they need.

In direct and simple terms, Colour Accounting demystifies financial statements and concepts and shows you how you can apply this information to make better business decisions for long-term profit.

Colour Accounting is for your organisation

Tailored To You

All Colour Accounting in-house workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Tailoring ranges from emphasizing parts of the standard curriculum that are relevant to your organization, through the development of bespoke case studies based on your own data. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique needs.


Where do you start?

Stop your searching and learn more about how Quest Learning can help reinvent your company by driving improved business decision-making, knowledge, performance and results with Colour Accounting.

Strategic Thinking In Action

Developing The Entrepreneur In You

Today’s business environments are intensely hypercompetitive and dynamic. Markets, competition, regulations and technology keep changing. Periods at which competitive advantage are held is increasingly shorter; sustainable competitive advantage is almost unheard of, and no blue ocean remains that way.

Organisations must learn to develop strategies for successive competitive advantage – advantage over advantage – and develop the strategic capabilities do so effectively. Quest Learning’s Strategic Thinking in Action Solution aims to develop strategic thinking capabilities, specifically the capability to think bigger, think deeper, and think further.

We provide the latest approaches applied at successful organisations globally, and taught in the world’s top business schools in corporate strategy, to discover new strategic opportunities on a continual basis.


It is vital for the Executives and Managers to apply strategic thinking that they have learned into the environment that they work in, in order to spearhead and deliver impactful projects and initiatives. Intrapreneurship is about an employee thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, but within a company.

This workshop strives to develop several key traits of an Intrapreneur: Business Acumen, Adding Value and Creativity and Innovation, so managers can maximise their potentials, be proactive, bring new ideas and foster innovations in the company.

Strategic Planning And Alignment

This workshop provides a process for formalizing a desired strategic plan in line with the organisation’s mission, and for transfusing strategic directions and high performance culture into the daily actions and company behaviour of workforce. A program that will equip Regional Sales Manager, Field Operation Managers, and Fleet Managers to think and act strategically by shifting mindsets and using a process to:

  • Identify opportunities in a changing and highly competitive market;
  • Clarify goals for the business in their respective regions or business functions;
  • Understand the environment, internally and externally, and how it impacts the business;
  • Identify gaps and develop strategies to close the gaps; and
  • Develop and monitor action plans.

The Results:

Quest Learning delivers a game-changing and proven value proposition that has consistently illustrated sustained improvement in skills, behaviours and business performance. Here are few examples:

  • Over the last 16 years, Quest Learning helped management to define and revisit vision, mission and goals. Regularly conducts Strategic Alignment workshops and Management Camps for hundreds of their managers and talents across Malaysia Indonesia and Singapore.
  • A 12 months engagement covering Strategic Alignment & Management Development Program. Up to 98% of managers reported improvement in attendees of these programs and achieved a significant improvement in staff retention.

Business Acumen

Journey to the Jade Mountain


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