For over 40 years, we worked with global brands and hundreds of organizations throughout Asia-Pacific to bring tangible results and improvements to their organizations. We serve our clients from our offices in Malaysia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, providing them the opportunity to work on a regional platform.

We provide organizational and industry-specific solutions in 6 key areas: Strategy & Business Acumen, Leadership and Management, Persuasive Communication & Influence, Sales & Marketing, Service Quality Excellence, and Organizational Development.

QUEST Learning, a reputable business adviser and HR consultancy goes beyond typical training programs to provide comprehensive human resource consulting services. Our skilled staff specializes in human and organizational development consulting, tailoring methods to each client’s specific needs. We recognize that employee training and development are critical components of improving company success. Our integrated strategy focuses on matching individual and team strengths with corporate objectives, enabling long-term growth and success. Whether it’s leadership development, talent management, or skill advancement, our services are intended to build a culture of constant progress. With a commitment to excellence, QUEST Learning continues to empower enterprises around Asia-Pacific, contributing to their long-term success and profitability.

Key Consultants in Quest Learning

K.C. See

Principal Consultant

Jessica Chin

Senior Consultant

Joelynne Chong

Senior Consultant

Shirley Leong

Senior Consultant

Salina Salli

Senior Consultant

Daphne Au

Senior Consultant

Jessica See

Senior Consultant

Heng Zee Soon

Senior Consultant

Alan Low

Senior Consultant

Annie Wong

Senior Consultant

Alanox Tan

Senior Consultant

Patrick Lim

Senior Consultant

Jimie Kwok


Felicia Phuah


Janson Lee


Marcellus Tan



We measure and deliver results

Whether it’s sales, customer satisfaction, productivity, or any other business result, we can measure the effectiveness of our solutions to your business.

We conducted a 3-day sales workshop for sales workforce of a leading bank in Malaysia. On the 3rd day of the training, participants applied the techniques they had learned in the field. Performance was measured before and after – Sales improved by over 90%.

We design, train and transfer to your needs

We develop customise solutions, train your trainers and transfer the IP to your organisation for increased long-term value.

We worked with a global insurance company to establish the baseline for frontline customer service performance, developed training materials to raise the level, trained internal trainers, and transferred the whole program for their continued use and development.

We deploy effective blended learning

Blending classroom training with reinforcement online and on mobile increases learning effectiveness, and this is what we do.

We conducted a workshop on the 5Cs of Mental Toughness for a global FMCG company, complete with individual profiles for every participant, including techniques for improving each element. The session was reinforced post-workshop learning enhancement on mobile.

We have a large faculty of certified professional trainers

We have certified over 1,200 trainers accredited by the International Professional Manager’s Association (IPMA, UK). This enables us to mobilise large roll-outs whilst maintaining quality and select the best suited trainers and coaches for your program.

Our client in the automotive industry required over 700 sales managers and advisors nationwide to be trained and certified in the shortest possible time frame. We gathered the best suited IPMA certified trainers to roll out the certification program on time, and with improved results.

Industries Specific Case Histories


A Customer Service Excellence  program for all Customer  Service and Sales Functions  within the organisation.


Designed and Rolled out  National Sales Certification  Program nationwide for all  Sales Managers and Sales  Advisors, covering workshops,  coaching and examination &  assessment centres

Appointed as Trainer for Train-  the-Trainers program for HODs  of Manufacturing Division (a  program under Human  Resource Development Fund,  Ministry of Human Resources ).

National Sales Convention to  motivate, drive and equip 120  Sales and Service staff with  coaching skills for developing  people in the organisation

Facilitated the business division’s Strategic  Planning & Alignment with the top  management. Other than the division’s critical  successor factors were mapped out , everyone in  the top management is aligned and committed.

This 6 month Leadership  Development Program involve  pre- and post- assessment, skill  workshops and 4 coaching  sessions. The content is driven by  managers on what would help  them to move forward to deliver  their action plans.

2 years Dealer Development Program for Honda Malaysia, Nationwide

Strategic Initiatives Projects

Over the last 20 years, helped  management to define and  revisit vision, mission and  goals. Regularly conducts  Strategic Alignment
workshops and Management  Camps for hundreds of their  managers and talents across  Malaysia Indonesia and  Singapore.

A 18 months service quality  improvement project. Involved working with the  Top Management at  strategic level, aligning managers, executives, all the  way down to the front-  liners. CSI improved by 22.7  pts.

A 12 months engagement covering Strategic Alignment & Management Development Program. Up to 98% of managers reported improvement in attendees of these programs and achieved a significant improvement in staff retention.

National Sales Convention to  motivate, drive and equip 120  Sales and Service staff with  coaching skills for developing  people in the organisation

Heads of Business Units (HBUs) convened in Shanghai to  learn and apply strategic thinking  principles on our comprehensive,  custom-written case study with  actual strategic concerns such as  diversity, innovation, competitive  analysis, and talent development. Participants from all over Europe  and Asia (over 10 nationalities)  were challenged and thrilled with  this innovative approach in practical  learning.

Work with Clients in Sales Capabilities Development

Major exercise to transform to a more sales oriented bank. A 18 months project, where sales and service training of new recruits was outsourced to Quest. New recruits were regularly engaged during this period to ensure the skills were transferred into workplace.

Work involved:

  • Defined sales competencies;
  • designed course content
  • developed learning log to track progress
  • scheduled, delivered & assessed competency
  • certification and licensing
  • monitoring and progress reports.

Started with a pilot training where we produced proven increase in sales result.

Total participants : >500

An enhancement to their existing sales program. This 24-month program covered the sales and sales managers teams in both logistics and liner, for Greater China, with objective to further increase sales revenue growth.

Scope of work for sales executives covered:

  • defined sales competencies
  • conducted self-assessment
  • interview and input from managers, implemented a 3-day Customer-Oriented Selling Program throughout China – Shanghai (twice), Qingdao (once), and Shenzhen (twice)
  • designed a Sales Call Performance Observation Checklist for field sales coaching. 12 months later, the 3-day program was repeated in Shengzhen.

Scope of work for sales manager:

  • 180 feedback on sales management competencies
  • conducted a 3-day Managing Sales Performance training in Hongkong for regional sales managers.

Total participants: >180

An initiative for a systematic approach towards sales capabilities improvement.

This 24 months project started off with strategic planning and alignment workshop :

  • Sales Leadership programs for Country Managers / BD Managers (SEA & Pacific)
  • developed Sales Competency Model
  • designed and implemented 3 sales programs (6 days) Sales Negotiation, Tactical Selling, and Interactive Selling for Salespersons (China).

Sales directors/ managers also attended Sales Management and Sales Coaching Program.

Total participants: >100

An ambitious expanding program to take the organization to the next level.  A comprehensive Sales Capabilities Improvement plan for sales team in China.

Client designed own sales training roadmap.  Our scope of work cover training of all sales staff throughout China – Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Chengdu.  Each sales personnel had to go through 3 programs of 2 days each.

Sales managers  were trained in  Sales Performance Management

Total participants:  >100



  • Malaysia (Headquarters)
  • China
  • Hong kong
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam


  • Persona GLOBAL Inc., US
  • QuestCorp Global Inc., US
  • COPC Inc., Asia Pacific
  • Performance Leadership Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • SportPsych Consulting, Singapore